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Start thinking about taking profits- sold Disney

The S&P500 is within a hair of an all time record high.  Wall Street is pumping out IPOs and the exuberance is everywhere.

Being a contrarian investor, I think it’s prudent to start thinking about taking profits.  The S&P500 is likely to top out around 3,000.  I believe Emerging Markets have much farther to run, perhaps 10-30% from here.

Disney announced more details about their upcoming streaming service- the stock popped more than 10%…I thought it was a prudent time to harvest profits, so I’ve sold ~25% of my holdings.  The remainder is linked to a $120 Call that expires 6/21/2019 and hasn’t yet been assigned, so my plan is to hold that until expiration.

Today I released a quick impromptu video commentary, with the snow coming down and my dog running around in the background.  Check it out:  https://youtu.be/yniwe-q9llE


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