Sold Small & Mid Cap Indexes 221119

Friday I sold the remainder of my Small and Mid Cap Indexes.  Markets have done extremely well over the past month, as investor sentiment is rising on hopes the Fed will pivot on raising interest rates and that China will ease its Zero Covid policy. Euphoric investors believe that the declining economic data will causeContinue reading “Sold Small & Mid Cap Indexes 221119”

Taking advantage of the Election rally 221108

Today I took advantage of the Election rally to sell half of my Small & Mid Cap indexes.  There might be a Santa Clause rally but as I previously mentioned, I’m concerned about the Fed’s overreach with a terminal target rate of above 5%.  While my favorite form of government is Stalemate, I don’t thinkContinue reading “Taking advantage of the Election rally 221108”

Are we entering a Range Bound Stock Market? 221029

Yesterday I used the continuing Market rebound to sell more stocks.  Given the escalating situation in Ukraine, I think raising a majority cash position is prudent.  My holdings have been narrowed down to Small/Mid Cap Indexes, Energy, and a few dogs & cats. So am I preparing for more downside?  The September lower double dipContinue reading “Are we entering a Range Bound Stock Market? 221029”

Sold Aerospace & Defense stocks 221025

The Market continues to recover.  The S&P 500 is trying to get above significant resistance at the convergence of several key levels- 50dma, 100dma, & June horizontal midpoint.  The Market’s moving up as move companies report positive earnings, corporate profits remain stable. I’m using today’s bounce to further my move to cash.  I’ve sold allContinue reading “Sold Aerospace & Defense stocks 221025”

Stock Market: Up-Down-Sideways? 221023

I used the uptrend this week to close out additional positions.  My remaining holdings are concentrated in Small & Mid Cap Indexes, Energy, Aerospace Defense, and a few ReOpening stragglers.  I held the COVID90 portfolio too long.  One of the reasons was the Ukraine Invasion.  Counterintuitively, the Invasion was a perfect setup for the ReOpeningContinue reading “Stock Market: Up-Down-Sideways? 221023”