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Selling Put Contracts- INTEL

Despite all the dire media coverage about the failing Trade Deal, the S&P500 remained above its 50dma and closed out the week only down about 2% from recent record highs.

I purchased some addition shares of positions already in my portfolio, but only a small amount.  Further downside volatility is still very likely and I assume there will be better buying opportunities.

Yesterday I sold an Options PUT contract.  If you follow my YouTube channel, you’ll know this is a tactic I’ve been pursuing in recent months as a risk mitigation strategy to deal with the market at record highs.

The contract was sold against INTEL, which is currently experiencing downward cyclicality, along with the rest of the semiconductor sector.  For an explanation of this method, please watch a new video I just published:   https://youtu.be/JALulegcykQ

CAUTION:  Options strategies can be complex and are not appropriate for unsophisticated investors.


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