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Bought Ford & Silvergate

As we approach autumn, many pundits are speculating about a stock market correction in September or October, citing the season as overly volatile.  I’m not concerned.  Statistics can be manipulated to support any argument.  The way I interpret the data, Sep-Oct is not more prone to downturns, but when they occur, the drawdowns are more drastic.

From a contrarian perspective, the more people that anticipate a market downturn, the less likely the odds that one will actually occur. 

As such, I’m continuing to hold my positions and today I added the following two stocks to my portfolio:

  • Ford (F)
  • Silvergate (SI)

Also, the acquisition of Proofpoint by Thoma Bravo was finalized on 8/31/2021, so PFPT is no longer being held in the portfolio.

Invest with caution and enjoy the harvest season.

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