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Bought Brazil & Google

Hopefully you ignored the kneejerk Wall Street drama that briefly occurred today when news broke that General Flynn may be testifying against Trump.  The investors that got hurt today were those that use stop loss orders, and sold in a panic.  [  see my previous article Flash Crash:    https://www.investablewealth.com/flash-crash-hazard-of-stop-loss-orders/   ]

As to politics- I don’t think the markets much care if Trump stays or goes.  Look back in history…during the Kennedy administration there was a 27% market correction, but it wasn’t a result of the Bay of Pigs, Cuban Missile Crisis, or JFK Assassination…it occurred when Kennedy tried to pick a fight with the Steel Industry.  I think we’re in a similar environment today…as long as Trump doesn’t threaten the Tech Sector, this bull market is likely to run a little longer.  [  see my latest video on JFK assassination:  https://youtu.be/f3_9dZ0_wRY   ]

Today while others were selling, I was buying.  I bought a Brazilian ETF (EWZ) and Google (GOOGL).

Brazil is still risky but appears to be improving with the global economy and firm commodity prices.  Two weeks ago it bounced off its 200dma and now it’s trying to break above the 20dma.

Lately the Tech Sector has been down and Google is off about 5% from its high.  It rarely gives up much ground and I think now is as good as any time to buy it.  It has a very reasonable valuation given its growth prospects.

As always, invest with caution and don’t take any wooden bitcoins.


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