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Bought BA, XOM & CVX for long term holds

Today I made three purchases for long term holds:

  • Boeing BA- The 737 Max has not yet been cleared to fly; however, I think the worst is behind the stock. Over the past 9 months, I have successfully played the volatility with Option contracts, and now I think it’s time to buy.  Short term there could still be issues, but Boeing is the most capable aerospace company in the world, and I believe worthy as a long term hold.  The stock is above its 50 & 100dma and trying to break through resistance at the 200dma.  It’s been forming lower lows since August.

  • The Oil and the Energy Sector continue to face headwinds of oversupply and weak global demand; however, as a long term hold, I see potential. OPEC is maintaining their production cuts, US Shale production is slowing due to weaker pricing, and long term I expect global demand to pick up.  I see the biggest wildcard being continued sanctions against Iran.
    • Exxon Mobil XOM- For months the stock has been forming multiple bottoms with support at ~$67; if it can hold this level, then I think a relief rally is likely. The dividend is an extremely favorable 5%.
    • Chevron CVX- It’s best in class and has been significantly outperforming XOM. The price is above its 200dma, where it’s been consolidating for nearly 2 years.  The dividend is 3.9%.

I want to stress that I see these three stocks as long term holds and not as quick trades.  Short term they could be very volatile but I believe they offer long term appreciation.  What’s an appropriate allocation?  For my style of investing, I like to diversify my portfolio with at least 20-30 positions; so a 3-5% weighting of each stocks would be acceptable.


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