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Back in the BUCK

Today I moved back into the US Dollar via ETF UUP.  This is a trade I had profitably exited on 1/7/16 because it had broken support ( https://www.investablewealth.com/closed-out-overweight-us-dollar/  ).

The dollar is down around 2% since I sold it and I believe it’s time to move back in for a potential hold through 2016.  The dollar is generally a stable currency and I believe worth holding during this global slowdown when it’s likely that other currencies will continue to devalue.  This isn’t the type of trade with a huge upside, but rather a “safe” place to park some money with a better potential return than a money market fund.

The trade obviously has risk and at this time I’m not committing more than 25% of my portfolio.

Overall the indexes are holding up, with the S&P500 above 1850 the Bear threat is held at bay.  (  https://www.investablewealth.com/correction-or-bear/  )

Expect some type of a relief or countertrend rally to occur before the markets move lower.


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