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Who do you believe?

The Chinese government rarely revise their economic statistics.  [Of course, nobody believes it.]

The US is more open minded.  Our government is endlessly revising their statistics.  Today they re-revised last month’s “final” revision of Q1 growth.  Good news…the economy only declined 2.1%, not the previous third revision of -2.9%.

And better news…Q2 grew at 4% !!!

My simple mind thus calculates the first half of this year as a cumulative stagnant growth of only 0.95%.  If bad weather in Q1 contributed to such poor consumption, surely more slack would have been picked up in Q2- growth should have been more robust.

But that’s where more revisions come in.  You see…they re-revised the past few year’s GDP numbers, again.  The economy wasn’t growing as much as they thought in 2011-12 [funny how they sure wanted us to believe that it was].  Then it grew more than they thought in 2013…so naturally, if today’s numbers look a little weak, it’s only because it was so strong last year.

Not to worry, for the rest of the year, absolutely the economy will grow at 3%.  They promise.

So whose propaganda do you believe?  I don’t believe any of them.