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Volatility is back: watch the averages & RELAX

The Trade War saga continues.  Markets are turbulent this week as China reneges on previous negotiation terms and Trump fires off feisty tweets

How to handle the volatility?

  1. Watch the moving averages.

a.  S&P500 is about 1.5% away from breaking its 50 day moving average (dma). The fair value level is around its 100 or 200dma at a range of 2725-2845.  That’s probably a good entry point.

b.  I continue to believe that Emerging Markets offer more upside, and volatility is hitting them harder. EM has already broken its 50dma and is only about 1% above its 100/200dma.

c.  For an easy way to track moving averages, please watch my YouTube video on the subject. Yahoo Finance has changed their chart formatting since I recorded the video, but the basics still apply:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tgWctQ8jfKU&t=613s

  1. The best advice I can give is: RELAX !  That’s exactly what I’m doing.  Speaking of relaxing, I’ll be visiting friends in Flagstaff AZ on June 7-8 2019.  They’ve graciously agreed to make it a Wealthsteading Meetup.  So if you’ve ever wanted to spend some quality time with me, away from the crowds, this is your opportunity.  Contact me for details.

Final thought: this dip in the market doesn’t mean things can’t go lower, invest with caution.


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