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As a professional investor, experience has taught me that the most useful factor for generating alpha is trading with the trend.  While the quick momentum is with short or near term trends, they often fizzle out just as abruptly as they began.  The real staying power occurs with the infrequent long term generational trend.

Generational trends can be demographic like the Baby Boom, environmental like Climate Change, or technological like the Information Age.

We’re on the cusp of the next supernova technological change which will extend into the future for at least a generation.  Regardless of your profession, degree or experience, there is no escaping the automated future.  Automation and artificial intelligence will dramatically reshape the global economy- for both good and ill.

To understand and prepare for these inevitable technological disruptions, I’ve written The Robots are Coming as a “human survival guide to profiting in the age of automation.”

The Robots Are Coming provides an actionable guide to plan for and actually profit from disruptive technological change.  It offers an easy-to-understand overview of automation trends and explains what you need to know today to secure your future success.

Written in four parts, each section challenges the reader with a cognitive directive:

     Think like a Human, not a machine

     Think like an Entrepreneur, not an employee

     Think like a Saver, not a consumer

     Think like an Investor, not a speculator

In the spirit of Wealthsteading, I believe that despite unprecedented technological challenges, those that adapt their thinking will survive and thrive in the age of automation.

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