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SZMK anomaly

Today I noticed an anomaly in an obscure stock- SZMK.

I mention this as an illustration of pattern recognition.  Media pundits, experts and analysts may pontificate and offer opinions but nothing foretells the truth better than price-volume data.

Today amidst the global selloff, SZMK bucked the trend.  It was up 1%, with trading volume 70% above average.

SZMK is a provider of digital advertising services, which is not a favored sector of this downtrend.  Curiously, there was one other stock in that sector which was also up today, the French company CRTO up 3.27%.

I could not find any news or announcements, which would account for SZMK’s rise.  [There was a press release about a new AUTOPLAY feature they’re launching but past announcements haven’t accounted for such strong relative strength.]  Nor could I find any orchestrated “pump & dump” ploys by market manipulators.

I have no idea why SZMK was a contrarian play today, but something must be afoot.  For those of you that like unraveling mysteries, watch this stock.

DISCLOSURE- I own SZMK in my personal portfolio…which has proved to be an unfortunate purchase.  As always, invest with caution.


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