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New CEO effect: GE & Walmart

I like purchasing stocks of out-of-favor established dividend paying companies that are in a turnaround phase.  A little more than two years ago, I purchased Walmart because unlike the critics that saw an imminent Amazon induced bankruptcy, I thought the new CEO was moving the company in the right direction.

I stated, Walmart is evolving Sam Walton’s 53-year-old business model and is successfully transitioning into Neighborhood Markets and online sales.  Their investments to modernize and face the challenges of Amazon are paying off.  Walmart will avoid a Sears’ death spiral.”  (  https://www.investablewealth.com/holding-walmartfor-now/  )

Over the past two years, Walmart’s CEO Doug McMillon has made a major impact and the stock is up substantially.  That’s the effect of a competent CEO, applying new technologies to an established business structure.

I think we’ll see a similar improvement at General Electric (GE) where a new CEO was installed in August.  As Walmart was not a Sears, GE is not a Kodak.  GE is a conglomerate of good businesses that have been extremely mismanaged for at least a decade.

Under new management, GE will raise cash by selling off non-strategic business units, allowing competent management to focus efforts on improving profitability at the remaining core businesses.  It won’t happen overnight, but like Walmart, the transition plan is in place.  I suspect within 24 months GE will be hailed as a turnaround success.   (see above chart )

DISCLOSURE:  I maintain long positions in both WMT and GE.


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