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Has Copper (inflation) Peaked?

I view the current Market selloff as a Psychological Correction, rather than a Fundamental Correction.  The Market has crashed because investors are fearful of a recession, but economic conditions are relatively favorable and stock valuations are reasonable. 

The fear of recession is based on the premise that the FED will raise interest rates to calm inflation and at the same time kill the economy.  That’s not a forgone conclusion, just like it wasn’t when the same paranoia gripped the Market in 2018-2019.  [ Oct 2018 Podcast: https://www.wealthsteading.com/276 ]

Copper is an excellent barometer for the general economy and it looks like it might have peaked in March.  If inflation was rampant, copper would be moving higher, not lower.

If inflation is moderating, then the FED won’t have to raise rates to draconian levels.  The economy and Stock Market will function just fine.

My cynical crystal ball predicts a major economic resurgence sometime before the mid-term elections.

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