Sold DBA & Bought BOTZ

Back in December 2016, inflation and interest rates were likely on the rise.  Most commodity prices had recovered from their lows at the start of the year, especially Oil.  With rising petroleum costs, I postulated that perhaps Agriculture commodities would finally find a bottom.  So as a speculative hedge, I purchased DBA, an agriculture ETF.Continue reading “Sold DBA & Bought BOTZ”

End-of–year contrarian buys

Ending 2016 with four contrarian purchases: DBA- Agricultural Commodity ETF. General Ag commodity prices have not recovered since the 2008 Recession.  In fact, they’ve been in a long term secular decline.  However, occasionally DBA offers a brief relief rally.  DBA is currently consolidating below its 50dma and is about 1.5% above a long term supportingContinue reading “End-of–year contrarian buys”