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Building Wealth

[This section on building wealth is made available for those that do not possess the net worth of our typical client but aspire to become disciplined savers and cultivate an investment portfolio.]

People often refer to the pursuit of financial independence as wealth accumulation.  Junk in the garage is accumulated, but wealth rarely is.  Those that have reached the pinnacle of financial independence have BUILT their wealth through knowledge, discipline and perseverance. It’s our conviction that almost anyone can become financially independent.  Don’t believe it?  Consider the destitute immigrants that have migrated to America.  Uneducated and barely speaking the language; yet, countless of them have become wealthy in one generation.  From Italian bricklayers to Korean grocers.  Throughout the history of the United States the miracle has played out, again and again. If someone has told you that you can’t become wealthy, they’re simply telling you that they haven’t done it.  Financial independence can be attained if you develop and work a plan.

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